Friday, March 30, 2007

My wonderful Husband

I just wanted to say that I have a wonderful husband. He is such a wonderful man who works so hard and gives so much. He is kind, thoughtful and compassionate. I am thankful that the Lord led us together and that He has allowed us to grow closer together and closer to Him. I am thankful for his leadership in our relationship and for desire to serve the Lord in his life.

Last week, Heston bought me a special gift, just because. It was a beautiful right hand diamond ring. I have always wanted one and he found one and surprised me! He said it wasn't much, but boy was he wrong...even the thought behind the gift was enough for me to realize what a special husband I have! Thanks, Babe...I love you very much!

Then, I came home from work yesterday, and Heston yells "something is done, wife" (that is his name of endearment for me "wife") and I go into the main bathroom and he tore out the old floor and laid down the new floor, all in one afternoon. What an amazing man! I am so thankful for him and his hard work. I am also thankful for the skills that he has. He has saved us so much money with the little repairs that he can do on our house. He is also in the process of building a retaining wall on the side of our house. It looks great already! The entry way floor is the project for this weekend.

The Lord is taking us through some things that are really causing us to trust in Him completely. I know this is where He wants us and often times God uses different circumstances in our lives to cause us to rely on Him and trust in Him completely. We are thankful for these times and are thankful that God is in control and He knows what is best for our lives. I am so glad we can rest secure in that!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well, I haven't written in a while. Heston finished his student teaching this past Friday. He is so excited to be done! We went out for Chinese food to celebrate.

Heston spent Saturday installing a water tank to help with our water supply. We have a decent well but the recovery time is very slow. It seems to have helped!

Sunday we drove down to Green Bay and I dropped Heston off at the airport because he was traveling to Oklahoma for a PR trip. It was a basketball tourament for 1,000+ teens. He just got back late last night. I missed him alot! I enjoyed shopping in Green Bay on Sunday and then having some of the soccer girls over on Tuesday night.

Today we are headed down to Milwaukee to stay with our frinedsRuth & Steve. Heston has an appointment at 7 am tomorrow morning at the VA hospital with a surgeon to see whether or not he will have surgery on his back. We are looking forward to the weekend away, spending time with our frineds, and celebrating Haven's first birthday!

Spring Break is next week, but we will just be working. Maybe one of these years we will go somewhere for Spring Break!