Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Learning Lessons

The Lord is teaching Heston & I many lessons. As you know, the Lord led us away from Northland this past summer for Heston to take a job at LBC. However, Heston will not be retuning to work at LBC in the fall. I think we have known that he would not be going back since this past November, but now his last day will be April 30. It has been difficult to sort through the feelings and questions of why God brought us here if the job opportunity that brought us here is no longer. We have been forced to trust God in an even greater way. We had to trust God to leave Northland as neither of us wanted to leave, but God led us each step of the way and we know that He led us here for a reason. It is hard to understand His ways, but we can rest assured that His ways are far above our ways. These are uncertain times and we are unsure of what the next step will be, but we know God will lead us and guide us as only He can do.

We have found a great church to be a part of and have enjoyed the fellowship and spiritual growth. We are praying about getting involved in the junior high youth group and have joined a small group which has been so beneficial to building Christian friendships and accountability. We are praying about becoming members and want to make sure that this is the church that we are to be members of.

We were able to see Northland’s Men’s volleyball team play in a tournament at LBC 2 weeks ago. It was WONDERFUL to see familiar faces and enjoy the fellowship with the Herron’s. After they left Heston & I both teared up as we miss NBBC so much. We allowed ourselves to wonder what would have happened if we would have chosen to stay at Northland. But they we caught ourselves and reminded ourselves that God brought us here to PA and away from Northland for a reason. It was especially fun to see my good friend Jamie’s little brother, Chris. He has grown up a lot!

We would covet your prayers as we seek the Lord about what to do. We know He has a plan for us and we can rest in that. We have several opportunities and trust the Lord to lead us down the right path. We will keep you all posted as the Lord makes His will known.

Easter Weekend

The Easter holiday is always a special time for Christians. This year, I was able to attend a Good Friday service for the first time. I was so excited! Our pastor read the Scriptures that led up to Christ’s death, but it was done in a way that it sounded like it was coming from someone who would have been present at each of those times. It really personalized those passages and made me see it in a different light. We observed the Lord’s supper, which was a wonderful experience following the reading of that particular passage of Scripture. We also observed baptism. That was also a special time as it is symbolic of Christ’s burial and resurrection. It was a wonderful experience and it was only dampened by the fact that Heston couldn’t go with me. He hurt his back on Thursday and wasn’t able to get out of bed to go with me. He was a trooper and made it through the weekend, even though he was in a lot of pain and is at the doctor’s now trying to find out what exactly happened.

We had a good Easter with Heston’s family. It was good to be with family on Easter as it has been just the 2 of us or a few friends for the past several years. I didn’t take any pictures but I am sure others will be posted. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!