Thursday, June 29, 2006

My "Baby" Brother

I had a good time spending time with my baby brother Colton. He is not so little any more! I am about 9 1/2 years older than him. We are pretty good buds, though! It was amazing to look at how much he has grown since my wedding. He was only 12 years old at the wedding and now he is 15!

Colton and I always enjoy bowling together. I took him out on Thursday night and we bowled two games! I beat him! I got a turkey during the first game; he was pretty annoyed! We had a great time and now he owes me ice cream when he comes up to Northland for soccer camp.

Colton also likes to drink coffee; I guess I drank coffee when I was his age!

These are my grandparents (if you couldn't tell!!)

This last picture was taken before he left for the choir tour with churh.

The crazy thing is that HE JUST GOT HIS DRIVERS PERMIT!! Now that was an interesting experience. He has to have it for a whole year before he can get his license, though. He will catch on, I am sure. I can say that I was a little nervous as he was driving and I was in the backseat!

It was fun, Colton to hang out with you! Have fun on Choir tour and see you in a few weeks for soccer camp! Don't forget to bring me a birthday present! =)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family Watchdog - Must Check out!!

This is a website, Family Watchdog ,a friend of mine sent me. It shows all of the sexual predators in your area. You simply type in your address, and then it shows you all of the sexual predators in your area, including their information, description, address and crime. I found 2 right close to my house! YIKES! But the key is to be aware so I thought I would share it with you all. Pass this on to your friends, too!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Baby William

Like I said earlier, I was able to meet my best friend Jamie's baby son, William Everett. He was too cute! I had seen pictures of him, but to see him in person was great! Jamie and I had a great time catching up. We can go so long without talking or seeing each other and then just pick up where we left off! Hopefully William and Jamie will be flying up to see me here in Wisconsin this weekend! Yeah!

Kelli & William

William, Kelli & Jamie

The handsome couple, Jamie & Bill and thier beautiful baby, William

William learned to crawl on Father's Day! How special.

I babysat William on Friday night while Jamie and Bill went out on a date. I had a great time with William, but I am not quite ready for mommyhood! =)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Still a few more days

Although I still have a few more days of vacation, I thought I would recap what we have done so far!
I arrived on Saturday and hit the ground running! I wasn't home for more than 5 minutes before we were gone the whole day shopping and visiting my grandparents. We had my favorite pizza, Papa John's, at the grandparents house that night.

Sunday was Father's day and it was so neat to be here with my dad. After church we went to my cousins house and I met my new baby cousins, Kara and Maddox. Kara is 10 months old and Maddox was only 18 days old. I had a great time playing games with my little cousins Kaylee and Karissa who were 2 of the flowergirls in my wedding.

Monday I got to go visit my best friend Jamie and meet her baby son, William. He is 9 months old and is SO CUTE!

Tuesday was mom's day off of work so we spent the day shopping and spending time together.

Wednesday I spent the day with my friends Sherry and Bailey. Bailey was in my wedding and it is amazing to see how much she has grown! I am proud of her.

Thursday I spent the morning with Jamie and William again and then had lunch with Aunt Brenda. That was a lot of fun!

Today, mom, Grandma, Grandpa and I went to Boulder CO to drive around and walk up Pearl Street Mall, see Boulder Falls, and then we sat by the river. The weather was perfect and it was nice to enjoy God's creation. I am babysitting baby William tonight so his parents could go out on a date to see a Barber Shop Quartet. We went to starbuck's to see my friend Jenifer. William got tired so we came home and he went right to sleep! He is such a sweet baby, but it makes me realize I am not quite ready to be a mommy...

I MISS MY HUSBAND! It is so weird not to be with him. It is crazy, though, because he calls me and it sounds like he is next door instead of in Germany! Our phone calls are expensive, but well worth it. I miss him so much. I got him the perfect anniversary present and I can't wait to give it to him. I love buying him presents because he is such a little kid when it comes to guessing what they are and opening them. It makes it worth it!!

Well, just wanted to keep you posted on what is going on! I will add the pictures later because it would take FOREVER to upload them on my parent's dial-up.

Hope you are all doing well!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Heston's Germany Blog

Here is a link to Heston's Germany Blog. Hopefully he will be able to get internet connection while he is in Germany in order to keep us updated. Thanks for your prayers!

It's Vacation Time!!

Tomorrow morning, Heston and I leave for vacation! We are excited, and sad at the same time. You see, Heston is going to Germany and I am going to Colorado. It is not fun being apart, but we didn't really have a choice this time. Heston is going to have a great time in Germany playing soccer and being near all of the hoopla with the World Cup and all. Praise: The Lord brought it all but $150 for his Germany trip! The Lord is good to us and we thank Him for it.

I am looking forward to going home since I haven't been to CO in 14 months. I am excited to see my Grandparents, family and friends. My sister is counseling at Woodland's camp in GA so I won't get to see her, but I will be able to spend time with both of my brothers. I have 2 baby cousins that I have never met and also I am looking forward to meeting my best friends baby son, William. He is 9 months old and I have only seen pictures. It is going to be a busy week seeing everybody, but definitely worth it. It is so weird going home without Heston...I wish he were coming with me! By the way, my flight leaves at 5:55 am tomorrow morning! Good thing it is only from Iron Mountian...

I will try to keep my blog updated from time to time, but my parents only have dial up so we will see how that goes. I think Heston is going to start a blog for the Germany trip so if he does, I will be sure to share the link!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Another week done...

This past week was our semi-annual MM/DSM class here at Northland Baptist Bible College. We had about 55 pastors/missionaries, 7 wives, 11 children from all over the world. Families came from Tawain, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Phillipines Canada and I am sure others. We had a great week where the men, and thier wives, were able to learn more about Biblical Holiness from Dr. Sam Horn, Dr. Les Ollila, and Dr. Doug McLachlan. The ladies also had several awesome speakers! It was a great week. I love my job for that reason - working working working getting ready for the class, and then having all of the men and thier families here. It is so neat and rewarding to see how our efforts, through the Lord's strength, have ministered to these men and thier families. This was my 3rd class and I love the fact that each time I get to know more and more people in the ministry. It is neat to see what the Lord has done in thier lives and ministries since the last class.

After the last class, I wanted to start a prayer list where the Graduate Studies Department would take a certain number of students each week and pray for them. And not only would we pray for them, but we would let them know via email that we prayed for them and ask them if there is any specific way that we can pray! I know this is a great ministry and can be strengthened if we take the time to pray for them. Many of these ministers of the faith are attacked daily and I know our prayers on thier behalf will strengthen and encourage them and help to thwart the devil's attack. That is going to be my afternoon project! Hopefully I can get it done before too long and pray for them all individually before the next class in January!

I also have pictures of the banquet centerpieces that you all gave me feedback on, but I will have to wait to post pictures until Heston can get them off of my camera!

Tracy, Keara, Julie, and Shannon: you all know the sigh of releif that you can breathe once the class is over! And you also remember the mess that is left after all of the guys leave! That is my job for the rest of the week; returning everything to its rightful place! But that will keep me busy until I leave for HOME ON SATURDAY!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

God's Special Blessing

I just wanted to share with you that the Lord has given Heston and I two very unexpected blessings in the last 2 weeks. I can't be specific, but it reminded us and confimred to us that the Lord is still in control and that He truly cares for us! We are Lord willing going to be able to pick up our Montero on Saturday. Please continue to pray for that situation, especially that we will find the best person to buy it that can purchase it for top dollar. We already know that the Lord will work out those details!

Also, please pray for the funds to continue to come in for Heston's trip to Germany. He still needs about $800 before he leaves on June 18. We are very thankful for what the Lord has provided already and we are excited to see Him continue to provide both for Heston and the other guys on the team. Thanks for your prayers on our behalf!