Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bryce!

Bryce celebrated his 27th birthday the Monday after graduation. Brad Gaugler made Bryce his famous "has beans" cake. If any of you have had that before you know how good it is! Thank you very much for making that, Mr. Gaugler!!

Bryce wasn't feeling too hot and he doesn't really like birthdays, but he humored us with blowing out the candles and letting us sing to him. Happy Birthday, Bryce!! Thanks for coming to see us.

Family Pictures

We had a good weekend with my family. I was so happy that it worked out for them to come out one more time before we move. Dad & Bryce helped Heston put a deck on the back of the house. Phoebe wasn't sure what to do with all of the extra people, but she did enjoy the extra attention

We took Mom to Four Seasons for Mother's Day. The food was great and we had a great time.

Kelli, Dad, Colton & Bryce at Moose Jackson's in Iron Mountain

Mom & Dad on Mother's Day at 4 Seasons

The kids, minus Bri

The Deck

Heston & Dad working on the deck

Kelli & Colton on the front deck

A picture of us admiring our newly built deck

Thanks Dad, Bryce & Colton for all of your help on the deck! We couldn't have done it without you. Sorry to put you to work!! It was great to have you all and we look forward to having you visit us in PA! We miss you, Bri!!

Heston's Graduation

I know this is long overdue, but better late than never! My parents and two brothers, Bryce & Colton, were able to come up for Heston's graduation. The weather was the best in the 7 years that I have been here at Northland. We had reserved seats so it was nice to not be rushing around that morning trying to get there early. Phil Hunt spoke at the graduation and mentioned my sister who is working for him in Zambia. That was really special! After graduation we made a stop at the Grind.

The Happy Couple

Us with Jen Ramos

Richlene & Colton

Dr. Horn & Heston

Colton & Kelli

The Family

Us & Shannon Murdock

Bryce enjoying his coffee in a "lounge" chair

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Thank you all for your words of encouragement and for your prayers. It has been very exciting to see what the Lord has been teaching us through this time of uncertainty. We have been praying since the beginning, that the Lord would make it VERY clear to us whether we are to stay here at Northland or whether we are to move on to another ministry. We are still praying that prayer and still waiting on Him as we seek to make the best decision for our future.

I am very excited that my parents, and two brothers will be flying in tomorrow evening to see Heston graduate on Saturday. We are very excited that the Lord worked it out for them to come out and visit, especially since we may be moving on. I am glad that we will be with Mom on Mother's Day and Bryce on his birthday on Monday. I am sure I will take lots of pictures!!

Here is a quick recap of this past week. Heston & I drove down to Green Bay last Wednesday evening and stayed in a hotel. Heston had hurt his back the night before by moving boxes and playing basketball. Needless to say he was walking like an old man. We stayed in a hotel down by Lambeau Field. We woke up early on Thursday and I dropped him off at the airport. I then went back to the hotel and watched TLC and then headed to go shopping. I met my friend, Sarah Neighbors for a quick lunch at Noodles and Company, did a little more shopping, and then headed home.

Heston spent Thursday and Friday at Lancaster and then the rest of the weekend with his family. I wish I could have gone! Phoebe and I spent a lot of quality time together and she was especially cuddly. On Saturday night, Heston called to say good night and out of the corner of my eye, I see Phoebe chasing a mouse around the woodstove. Heston asked if I was sure it was a mouse! Yes it was! It went back behind the TV so I moved it out so Phoebe could get to it. Sure enough, the mouse comes running out, but Phoebe was still behind the TV looking for it. She is not the world's best mouse catcher. Needles to say, we didn't find the mouse that night.

Sunday morning I went to pick Heston up from the airport. After collecting all of his belongings after the zipper on his suitcase was ripped (of course it wasn't the airlines fault!) we went to the mall for a little bit and then headed home. It was so nice to have him back home!

Heston had two finals on Monday and his exit exam on Tuesday morning. We are thankful that he is done!

The Lord is continually causing us to trust in Him. At times it seems like we have everything figured out and then something changes. We are anxiously awaiting to see God put all of the pieces together. We are thankful that the Lord has chosen to use us.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Lords Hand

This post is from me, Heston, Kelli's husband. This is a first! The information below is how the Lord has moved in our lives and how He has shown us that He is in control...

The information I am to give you goes out to you because of what the Lord has done in my life and the wonderful love He has provided to us all.

Yesterday, April 30th, this is what I shared with the girls that are currently on the soccer team. (it is a little lengthy, but good)

Names of Christ
He is the Chief Cornerstone
-There is always a start for something, on a building it is the foundation and there is always a beginning part of any building.
-Dr. Bennett always talks about “setting the rudder of the ship”. That setting will define where you are many months and years down the road. In all areas

He is our Counselor
-God has all wisdom. He needs no one to give Him advice. We only need to seek after it and ask for it.
-He loves to give counsel to men. Men often refuse it, but He has given it.
HAVE YOU REFUSED COUNSEL? From God, from Godly authority.

He is Wonderful
-In the beginning God promised He would send a Savior to deliver them from their sins.
-We have seen God in both forms- God and man- while man he remained perfect
-He remained wonderful-
-Are you looking for the external? Pleasure, rewards, etc…

What about obedience- faith living
-Is it easy?
-Abraham and Sarah, Job,
-We must learn to live by faith, or our world will fall apart

When as a child, I laughed and wept,
Time Crept
When, as a youth, I dreamed and talked,
Time walked
When I became a full grown man,
Time ran
And later, as I older grew,
Time flew
Soon I shall find, while traveling on,
Time gone

At the age of 75, Abraham enrolled in the “school of faith”
At the age of 100, he was still being tested through faith
“When we stop learning, we stop grown; and when we stop growing, we stop living”

Gen. 22
1. Expect tests from God
-Family test, fellowship test, fortune test, fatherhood test, farewell test
-We must have occasional tests- why would we trust if nothing ever fails us!
-Understand that not every test is a temptation- but they can just caused by our sin
-if we would have started by obeying-the temptation would not exist

2. Focus on promises not explanation
-Our faith is not really tested unless we are asked to bear what we think is unbearable
-When anything happens, one may ask “why me, Why Lord?” Right away we want an explanation
-As soon as we begin to ask “why” to God, is when this should determine you do not view God as a true provider of all and that He is our only provider we need.
-Faith does not need explanation, faith rests on promises

3. Depend on God’s provision
-As Abraham walked up to sacrifice his son, what could he depend on?
-He could not depend on his personal feelings, friends.
-Abraham could only depend on the promise and provision of God
-It is only then that we see what our Father can really do for us.

4. Seek to glorify God
-Because we are sinners, we will look for “Ways to get out of this!”
-What about glorifying God a asking “What can I get out of this Lord?”

5. Look forward to what God has for you
-God wants to provide for you!
-Abraham was blessed by God- given new assurance, new approval, new son, and finally he was given a deeper love for his God.
-We need to be assured that Gods gifts do not take place of the giver Himself
-It is worth to go through trials when at the end the Lord can say, “well done”
-Do you believe that? Not just believe but is it lived out in your life?

Can change be a trial? Of course! If we do not have our focus set properly on our God, yes, change can feel like a trial.

I say the above to say this- When Kelli and I moved to NBBC we thought it was going to be forever! We were so happy and so ready to become a part of this staff and what NBBC stands for. I still see that as true, but I see that the Lord used the past 6 years to prepare me for other things. With some restructuring in the Athletic office Kelli and I find ourselves being moved by God. With the moves I began to apply at several colleges for specific jobs. The Lord convicted my heart for doing so. He kept me on my knees all night one night and taught me that He is the only one I need to rely on. The next morning I received a phone call from another Christian College. What an awesome answer to prayer. This coming Wednesday, I will be flying to Lancaster Bible College for a final interview.
The Women's Program will continue with qualified coaches! Those alumni, please pray for Kelli and I as we continue to pray for the Lords guidance. Future athletes that I have been communicating with and are a part of this group- continue your future at NBBC if that is where the Lord has directed you! Those current student athletes, as a Coach and Kelli as a "mom", we have had several sleepless nights. This is not easy. But is awesome to see the Lord direct.
We ask you all to continue to pray!
-Those on the Uruguay trip- It will continue. I will have more information on that soon!
In Christ,
Coach and Kelli