Sunday, December 24, 2006

Date Night

Heston took me on a date to our favorite Italian restaurant, Maggiano's. It was the restaurant where we almost got engaged (see explanation in comment section) and also where we had our rehersal dinner. We had a great time together and some great food! To go along with tradition, we got our picture taken! Thanks, Babe, for a great date! I love you!

Wisconsin? Nope...Colorado!!

We left Tuesday morning for Milwaukee, WI. We had a wonderful time with Ruth, Steve & Haven. They took us to one of our favorite restaurants, P.F. Chang's. Thanks guys!! They dropped us off at the airport and we flew to Minneapolis. We arrived on time, but were told that our second flight was delayed. I called my mom & she said that Denver was supposed to be getting 1-2 feet of snow!! We weren't sure if we would make it, but we arrived in Denver around 11:45 pm, just mere hours before the "Holiday Blizzard 2006!" We wok up the next morning to about 17 inches of snow. It snowed and snowed and snowed some more. We ventured out to the grocery store to get some essentials and some baking ingredients. Mom & stayed home the whole day baking and watching Christmas movies. The boys, including Heston, went out plowing! Praise the Lord for that extra money! I think we ended up with about 28 inches of snow. It was fun being stuck at home and getting some holiday baking in and also sledding at the park with my mom & Colton. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!! Have a very Merry Christmas!
Our Street

Colton, my little brother, Snowboarding

Mom & Colton

Daisy May playing in the snow!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Praise the Lord! Heston passed all of his classes!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Final Exams

Please pray for Heston as he takes his 3 final exams for the semester. He has 2 exams today, one in Foundations of Education and one in US History. Then on Wednesday, he has a final exam in Teaching Social Studies. He is not feeling well so it was a bit of a struggle to study last night, but we are praying that his hard work will pay off and that he will pass all of his classes!

Hope you all have a good Monday!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Early Christmas Presents

My husband is just like a little kid when it comes to presents. He received my present in the mail yesterday and he was SO excited! He made me close my eyes while he put it in the car and then he made me go inside first and stay in the kitchen while he put it in the back bedroom. Then he wrapped it up and put it under the tree. A few minutes later, he asked if I wanted to open my present! I said "no" and that I could wait. He was the one who couldn't wait! We went to town and he bought me another Christmas present that we have been wanting for our house for a long time: an over-the-range microwave. He really wanted me to have it and I must admit, it was on my Christmas wish list.

We went home and installed it and I went and wrapped the present that I got for him and put it under the tree. He asked when he got to open his present and I said he had to wait. He said "fine, then you can't open your Christmas present!" Finally, after going back and forth a few times, I said that after we cleaned up the kitchen, we could open our presents. He was SO excited. We were both convinced that we knew what the other got for our presents, so we wrote it down: I was right; he was wrong! Anyways, here is a little glimpse into the Frey household of Christmas.

Presents underneath the tree

Kelli opening her present

My new Kitchen Aid Mixer - Thanks Babe!!

Heston opening his present

Lovopoly: A personalized version of Monopoly

Our new microwave

My beautiful curtains!! Thanks Mom Frey!!